At Newton Denture clinic we are committed to taking care of the denture needs of seniors who are unable to attend our clinic. Balraj Gill, R.D. has been providing Mobile Denture Services for over 18 Years. For the protection of his clients he has been vaccinated for COVID. His Mobile Denture Services include all of the services he provides at his clinic and he provides free follow up adjustments for the life of all new dentures. His Mobile Denture Services are provided at Private Residences, Hospitals, Care Homes, Retirement Homes and Hospice Care Facilities. 

If you or a loved one are in need of both dental and denture care services and are unable to make it into our clinic we can arrange for both. We work with Silver Valet Dental Care, run by Dr. Salima Dadani.

Silver Valet Dental Care provides comprehensive, on-site dental and oral health care services with their fleet of dental clinic Vans which feature state-of-the-art equipment and wheelchair accessibility. Silver Valet’s oral health care services are provided by highly qualified dentists and oral health care professionals.

If you know someone in need of either mobile dental or denture care services  please call us at Tel. 604.590.9747We’ll be happy to assist you!